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If yes, then we will ship breitling replica watches sale out at once and you can track through the same tracking number and same tracking site after several days. hope to hear from you soon. I replied to this a few days ago but have had no response. The replica watches sale has arrived and I am pleased with it. Just a couple of questions. The top dial, numbered 1-12, can it be set (is at 5 at the moment)? The silver button next to the crown, what is this for? Also I am still looking at buying the replica watches sale and wondered how you would apply the $15 discount. Will you issue a discount code for me to use? Your reply would be appreciated. Has this replica watches sale been dispatched yet? If it hasní»t then I would like to change my order and use the $20 discount I was offered earlier and choose one of the breitling replica watches sale. I have attached a photo of it from your website. I appreciate that I will have to pay you another $15 to make up the difference.


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